Rector Welcoming Speech Muhammadiyah University Of Cirebon Aston Hotel, November 11th 2018



It is a great pleasure for me, as a big family of Cirebon Muhammadiyah University, to conduct this important event here. This event is held on the initiation of Muhammadiyah higher education council in cooperation with Holmesglen Institute Australia and Universitasmuhammadiyah Cirebon.


    Many people still neglect the importance of English as one of the main factors that should be mastered. As the result, the teachers/lecturers’ quality of English mastery, as one of the main crucial aspects, is still considered low.  It can be seen from the ranking, in term of the quality of human resource, among other countries in South East Asia where Indonesia stands only in 102th position, above Vietnam (108) and below Malaysia (61), Thailand (73), and Philippines (84). There are several factors that trigger this phenomena in Indonesia. They are: 1) low proficiency of English; 2) insufficient information of education-based ICT and multimedia; and 3) the education orientation has not been implemented comprehensively with culture and certain condition in Indonesia.

 Therefore, this workshop is very important for the teachers/lecturers to improve their qualification and ability to teach English for Specific Purposes. In particular, this workshop is intended to realize several prospective plans in the future. They are as follow:

  1. Initiating academic international network among Muhammadiyah higher education in all over Indonesia.
  2. Building a positive atmosphere of English in every Muhammadiyah higher education as a manifestation of international-based Muhammadiyah higher education.
  3. Creating a competitive academic environment in particular inside the context of Muhammadiyah higher education.
  4. Shaping the human resource that is able to think globally and act locally, and
  5. In general, demonstrating remarkable values and moral of Indonesia through education.


I think that’s all from me, I hope that all participants feel happy so that they can follow all the activities of this program and take the advantages of the result for the advancement of Muhammadiyah higher education towards international standard universities.






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